Buno Pati

Silicon Valley, USA

Buno Pati is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur, board member and investor with a 20-year track record of identifying new business and product opportunities, matching leading-edge technology with business strategy, building high-performance executive teams and leading organizations from inception through IPO and acquisition.

Buno started his entrepreneurial career as CEO and cofounder of Numerical Technologies, a company that redefined how integrated circuits are manufactured. He led the company from inception through a very successful IPO (NMTC) and eventual acquisition. Most recently Buno was CEO and cofounder of Sezmi Corp., a company that pioneered cloud-based personalized multi-screen video services, and was acquired by KIT Digital (KITD).

Early in his career, Buno was an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Harvard University and prior to that, a post-doctoral research associate at Stanford University. Buno was inducted to the UMD Innovation Hall of Fame, received the MIT Global Indus Technovator Award , and the ISQED IQ Award. He holds 16 issued U.S. patents, 15 U.S. applications in process, and a number of international patents. Buno holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.