Whats On India launches India's first and only Consumer TV Guidance Channel

What’s On India Media Private Limited, India’s premier TV Guidance and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) company has launched the country’s first and only Consumer TV Guidance channel. The channel, “What’s-On-India”, will be available to all Hathway users starting today and will be the first channel viewers will see when they switch on their TV. The channel, aids TV viewers by informing and recommending a wide variety of program choices across multiple TV channels round the clock. The channel will be fully operational by December 2009 and aims to reach 20 million homes by the first quarter of 2010.

The key insight guiding the company’s plans is that 70% of the times, viewers switch on their TVs without knowing exactly what to watch. The TV industry is increasingly becoming aware of this “Unplanned Viewing” phenomenon that has been exacerbated with the supernormal growth in channels and programmes over the last few years. The result has been – viewers getting overwhelmed by thousands of viewing options within a single day. In these 70% of unplanned TV sessions, millions of viewers are in a search-&-find mode in a bid to find interesting programs to watch. This need is addressed by the What’s On India channel which is constantly presenting viewers with information and recommendations of what TV programs to watch and where to find them. Internationally, viewers use the TV Guide channel to plan their forward appointments with their TV sets. They watch promos of upcoming programmes and find greater details, twists and turns of ongoing shows. The channel clearly plays cupid between the ‘right’ eyeballs and the ‘right’ content.”

Says Atul Phadnis, Founder, Promoter, CEO of What’s On India, “When we started out in 2005, our vision was to guide TV viewers in their personalized search for TV content. In this journey, we have experienced an overwhelming demand for a TV Guidance Channel. The What’s-On-India channel will enable discovery of new content to millions of viewers round-the-clock. What gives us an edge is the unique technology platform that we have built that is the foundation of our enterprise.” “In our initial studies, viewers had consistently demanded that this channel recommend a wide variety of program choices in a NOW and NEXT time frame. In the last three months of previewing, we are pleased with consumer reactions to our channel confirming its influence in expanding and shaping their viewing choices”, he adds.

K.Jayaraman, Managing Director, Hathway says “We are delighted to partner with What’s On India to launch a Consumer TV Guidance channel for Hathway subscribers. We believe this initiative offers a unique method of TV guidance and convenience in program selection to our viewers.” Being the only such model in the marketplace, all operators have expressed excitement and welcomed the channel’s launch. What’s On India will be switching them on one-by-one.

About What’s On India

What’s-on-India Media is India’s largest Consumer TV Guidance and EPG company. Set up in 2005 by Atul Phadnis, at the inflection point of the Analog Indian TV industry turning Digital, the company was VC funded by Sequoia Capital and Nexus Venture Partners to deliver a series of consumer focused TV Guidance media including India’s first TV Guide Channel. Clients include all major TV networks and Cable/DTH/IPTV operators in India such as Hathway, Airtel Digital, STAR TV, Discovery Networks, UTV Entertainment, Reliance BIG TV, Digicable, DEN, etc. What’s On India channel, India’s first and only TV guidance channel, was launched in November 2009 and is expected to be fully operational by end 2009, with a target of reaching 20 million homes by the first quarter of 2010.

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