Weather Decision Technologies Chooses ScaleArc iDB for Its MySQL Database Infrastructure to Achieve Business Continuity for Mobile Applications

ScaleArc, the pioneer of database infrastructure software that simplifies the way database environments are deployed and managed, today announced that Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) has chosen ScaleArc iDB v2.2 to solve its architecture, scalability and performance issues within its existing MySQL environment. By deploying ScaleArc iDB, WDT has been able to achieve business continuity and gain an immediate 20x boost in database scalability to support its rapidly growing suite of mobile applications.

With two of the top-grossing mobile weather applications for the iPhone and Android Markets, WDT needed to plan for a 20x capacity growth over the next 1-2 years for both their mobile and legacy applications, yet its application environment was not designed to “scale-out” using their MySQL database back-end. WDT was looking at a multi-year, complete re-write of its applications until it selected ScaleArc iDB, which allowed WDT to solve multiple pain pointswithout requiring any re-coding of existing applications, or modifications to existing MySQL databases.

“ScaleArc solved my scalability issues without touching my applications or my databases,” said Matt Orr, CIO, WDT. “The ROI was instantaneous in that it solved a serious business continuity issue we were facing with our mobile application business. In addition, the real-time Analytics engine acts like an extra Database Administrator for us, and also saves us considerably on our operational costs.”

“ScaleArc is a game-changer, and there is no technology like it in the marketplace today,” said Mark Grennan, Sr. DBA, WDT. “We reviewed several alternate solutions, but none were able to adequately address our issues until we discovered ScaleArc. The ability to do Read-Write split and instant horizontal scale-out [using iDB] without touching the applications provided immediately value. Also, ScaleArc instantly eliminated connection issues we were facing under heavy loads. In the future, we will also be looking at their transparent database caching capabilities for even more value. Plus ScaleArc is a great company to work with, they provide fantastic 24×7 customer support, and by working alongside their value-added partner Future Com, we were able to ensure a smooth installation and deployment.”

WDT is the world’s most advanced value-added weather content provider servicing governmental, industrial and military weather customers from all over the world. WDT continues to experience strong growth from its mobile application suite, iMap®Weather Radio and RadarScope, two of the top grossing premium weather apps in the App Store and Android Market, offering radar data retrieval and display at lightning-fast speed.

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