Vdopia’s VDO: An ad format to reach every mobile device

Mobile ad network Vdopia has historically worked to ease publishers onto the iPhone and iPad. But with its latest ad format, Vdopia will enable brands to deliver video ads into mobile browser and apps on multiple different mobile platforms.

Vdopia’s new ad format isn’t served in Flash, but instead launches a Javascript-based player through which it serves up video assets. As a result, .VDO ads can now be viewed on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices, with the ability to serve Windows Phone 7 and Symbian devices being added by the third quarter.

With a little bit of code, publishers can enable their inventory to switch from the typical mobile banner ads to higher-CPM .VDO units. Publishers that are already using the mobile video format include Meredith, Conde Nast, The Onion, Perez Hilton and Buzz Media.

For advertisers, the format provides unprecedented reach across devices, with little additional work required. It claims to reach about 80 million to 90 million mobile devices already, with more on the way. They can simply upload Flash-based pre-rolls, which are then transcoded to work with Vdopia’s Javascript-based player.

That’s one reason that advertisers are signing up to use the format. Vdopia has already delivered .VDO mobile video ads for an impressive list of brands in its beta test. Advertisers include Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Microsoft, Samsung and Disney.

About Vdopia

Vdopia is the advanced mobile advertising platform and network, pioneering rich media and video advertising on smartphones, including Pre-App video and social networking options on smart mobile devices providing better monetization opportunities for app developers. Vdopia’s brand-centric mobile advertising network and platform is used by top developers and brands such as Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers and Miller Lite to deliver premium advertising campaigns. Vdopia continued its revolutionary streak with Talk2Me, a completely extensible way of customizing ad interaction according to brand. Talk2Me ads are the first to allow mobile advertisers to tailor interactive actions in video and banner ads that include the customized social features to best fit their branding needs.
The holding company Vdopia Inc. is the fastest growing, venture-funded advertising technology company focused exclusively on premium audiences in the world. The privately held, venture-backed company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Jose, CA, New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, Illinois Gurgaon and Mumbai, India.

For more information please visit www.vdopia.com

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