Tigo Voice SMS achieves high adoption rate in six months

Tigo DRC, a leading telecom operator in Democratic Republic of Congo and a subsidiary of Millicom International Cellular, announced that its Voice SMS service has achieved an impressive adoption rate of over 60% in little over six months. Tigo launched Voice SMS service across Democratic Republic of Congo in September 2010, using the pioneering Voice SMS technology from Kirusa, world’s leading vendor of mobile social media and value added services.

Kirusa further announced that the Kirusa Open Multimodal Platform deployed at Tigo has been expanded to support the hundreds of millions of calls processed since launch.

Voice SMS allows Tigo subscribers to send messages by voice, eliminating the need to type. It enables subscribers to communicate faster, with greater ease, and convey emotions as compared to limitations of text messaging which allows only limited display of characters. Use of Voice SMS by mobile subscribers is gaining global traction given its immense value and for its benefits in surpassing the limitations of text messages.

General Manager of Tigo, Mr. Abdellatif Bouziani said: “We introduced Voice SMS to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to facilitate better communication. We are delighted with the runaway performance and customer response to this service. Kirusa has proven its ability in generating high revenues from Voice SMS and its open multimodal platform.” He added, “We are very happy with the stability and performance of the Voice SMS service. Managed services from Kirusa have been crucial to the success of Voice SMS at Tigo.”

Congratulating Tigo on the successful and stable performance of Voice SMS, Taranjit Singh Batra, Vice President of Sales at Kirusa, said, “Tigo has been a true partner in success of this service. Their proactive support has made a tremendous difference and we are delighted that this partnership is being extended to other mobile services on the Kirusa platform.”

About Tigo DRC

Tigo DRC is the Congolese operation of Millicom International Cellular (MIC SA). MIC SA is the leading operator of cellular telephone services in the world’s emerging markets and launched its network in Republic Democratic of Congo (DRC) on 2007. Tigo which means “with you” in Spanish, enables peoples to communicate how, when and where they want and provides ease communication. Tigo proceeds by a deep understanding of consumer’s needs; reflected in broad, trustworthy and innovative products and services that are simple, clear and affordable. Nowadays, Tigo is well known as the most innovative and competitive operator in the market with affordable rates and unbeatable services: including the per second billing, and especially value added services that drive its development. One of the leading products launched in 2010 is voice SMS called “SMS Lisolo” in the local language, Lingala. Tigo is also involved in the welfare of its subscribers through corporate social responsibility: by celebrating the birth of the new born, providing medical equipments, sponsoring programs of health awareness, supporting orphanages and schools in their annual expenditure.
In DR Congo, Tigo has facilitated the rapid evolution of market while providing direct and indirect jobs to thousands of Congolese. Tigo is the closest to the everyday life of the Congolese; Tigo is really close to each consumer as expressed in its tagline ‘Tigo, Plus pres de moi’,’Tigo, close to me”.

About Kirusa

Kirusa is one of the leading global developers of Mobile Social Media and Value Added Services; enabling mobile subscribers to ‘reach out’ to their family and friends. Kirusa’s solutions include the hugely successful Kirusa Voice SMS service, the world’s most advanced “Voice SMS” solution that has been selected by more than thirty carriers around the world. Kirusa Voice SMS enables mobile subscribers to send messages by speaking. Kirusa has pioneered a suite of applications that facilitate mobile subscribers to interact through voice, including the Call-n-Tweet application which helps users update their twitter status using voice. Kirusa provides an open platform with APIs to enable third parties to offer mobile applications services to mobile subscribers. Used by mobile subscribers millions of times daily, Kirusa solutions are built on its patented and patent pending technology and its highly reliable and scalable open multimodal platform. Kirusa has been recognized as one of top 100 technology companies by Silicon India, and one of top 25 emerging technology companies by Smart Techie magazine. Headquartered in New Jersey and led by an experienced team of wireless telecom executives and technologists, Kirusa has offices in three continents. ‘Kirusa Voice SMS,’ is a trademark of Kirusa, Inc.

For more information please visit www.kirusa.com

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