Strong Customer and Reseller Momentum Confirms ScaleArc iDB Key to Solving SQL Database Visibility and Scale Issues Opens New Santa Clara Headquarters, Continues Aggressive Global Hiring

Fueled by strong customer reception, ScaleArc, the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure that accelerates application development by simplifying database deployment and management, today announced another round of new customers, a growing network of national resellers, and a new U.S. office to accommodate the company’s rapidly growing global operations.

ScaleArc is experiencing significant customer growth within MySQL environments, specifically with online gaming, digital media and ecommerce companies. Recent U.S. customers include:

— KIXEYE, an online game company (California), deployed iDB to shard data,
improve performance and add database capacity transparently without
having to modify the games. “Other solutions we examined required
application code modifications to implement sharding,” said John Todd,
director of operations at KIXEYE. “With iDB, we don’t have to touch the
games and we get enormous benefits of scale. iDB saves me from hiring a
systems person…the system essentially pays for itself.”

— Enable Healthcare Inc, an electronic health records provider (New
Jersey), is using iDB to achieve instant scale and real-time database
visibility without modifying existing applications. “It’s clear that iDB
offers unprecedented value,” said Indraneel Shah, founder and CTO,
HyperWiser, Inc., the IT advisor to EHI. “After witnessing iDB in action
in our own environment, within minutes we were completely blown away by
the idea of being able to manage a dramatic growth in data volumes
without touching our databases or modifying a single line of application

We’re excited by the strong customer response we’re seeing,” said Justin Barney, president and COO of ScaleArc. “The rapid adoption of iDB validates the fundamentally different approach we’re taking to database infrastructure by giving customers a turnkey, easily deployed solution that provides instant horizontal scaling, higher availability and performance, and real-time SQL-analytics so they can instantly troubleshoot issues and speed-up database responses without requiring any modifications to existing applications or databases.”

Customer Demand Boosts Reseller Network

ScaleArc is also accepting its first set of new resellers as the foundation of its new and rapidly growing Partner Program, which allows VARs to deliver a turnkey solution that enables their customers to scale their database environment, improve performance and quickly troubleshoot to resolve database issues so more time is spent developing application features that meet core business goals. ScaleArc’s expanding network of U.S. resellers now includes Datec (Washington), Entisys Solutions (California), Future Com, Ltd. (Texas), NetTects (New Jersey), Right! Systems Inc. (Washington) and Stele InfoTech (New Jersey).

“No other solution on the market today is able to solve database performance, scaling and visibility issues as easily and seamlessly as iDB,” said Mike Strohl, CEO and president of Entisys Solutions. “If initial customer reactions are any indication, iDB is exactly what customers are looking for. We expect tremendous success partnering with ScaleArc as more and more customers realize the benefits of deploying iDB in their database environments.”

The ScaleArc iDB software provides a wide spectrum of capabilities: real-time query-analytics and control, instant horizontal scaling for capacity growth or high availability, one-click query caching, automated sharding, dynamic load balancing, enforcement of security policies, and more, all without any changes to existing applications or databases. ScaleArc iDB supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, with planned support of Oracle coming soon.

ScaleArc recently raised $5.33 million in new financing and continues to aggressively hire technical and sales talent. The company just completed its move into new U.S. headquarters located in Santa Clara, Calif. Its R&D facility is located in Mumbai, India.

About ScaleArc

ScaleArc is the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure software that simplifies the way database environments are deployed and managed, and lowers costs without any changes to applications or databases. The ScaleArc iDB software abstracts database servers from application servers to provide instant horizontal scaling and connection management, and enables real-time visibility into every query to provide instant analytics and troubleshooting, one-click query caching, wire-speed security enforcement, and more. Until now, achieving such capabilities required significant investment in engineering resources and ongoing maintenance with too many single-purpose solutions from multiple sources that require constant changes to applications, as well as individual management and upkeep. Visit us at

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