ScaleArc’s iDB 3.0 for MySQL delivers new levels of scalability, performance and availability for MySQL environments with Auto-Failover and query routing capabilities

ScaleArc today announced the launch of a new version of its iDB database traffic management platform. iDB 3.0 for MySQL adds two ground-breaking features –auto failover to maintain uptime in case a master database fails, and transparent query routing & sharding capabilities to enable a new level of scalability and uptime. These new capabilities require no modifications to applications and augment iDB’s existing read/write split, database load balancing, transparent query caching, real-time analytics and disaster recovery features proven to increase availability and performance of mission-critical applications and websites.

“Having implemented ScaleArc iDB at several companies including M-GO, I’ve seen firsthand the unique value that ScaleArc iDB delivers into a MySQL database environment,” said Burzin Engineer, Vice President, Operations at M-GO. “This latest release increases our database scale, performance and availability, allowing us to lower our cost of database operations.”

iDB 3.0 for MySQL is available in both Platinum and Enterprise editions, delivering significant new benefits to the MySQL community:

for the Platinum Edition:

support for auto failover for higher redundancy and availability within MySQL clusters

transparent query routing and sharding capabilities for MySQL clusters

for both editions:

more granular analytics that can pinpoint problems down to specific hosts, queries and users in real time, reducing troubleshooting time and improving capacity planning

comprehensive RESTful API support, enabling complete automation of iDB management and monitoring

“ScaleArc continues to lead the industry in innovation to optimize database environments,” said Varun Singh, Founder & CTO of ScaleArc. “This latest release of the iDB platform for MySQL enhances our customers’ ability to increase performance and availability of their business applications, improving their business results.”

About ScaleArc iDB

ScaleArc iDB is database traffic management software that increases the performance and availability of mission-critical applications and websites by optimizing and scaling the database tier. ScaleArc iDB’s patented technology delivers the following benefits:

enables instant scalability and higher availability for databases with clustering, read/write split with dynamic load balancing, surge protection, and query routing / sharding capabilities

provides instant visibility into all database traffic with granular real-time SQL Server analytics

delivers the world’s first transparent SQL-NoSQL hybrid caching engine which lets any application use a NoSQL cache without any code or driver changes

ScaleArc iDB inserts transparently between applications and databases, requiring no modifications to the current infrastructure to deploy. Customers who deploy ScaleArc iDB are able to reduce troubleshooting times from days or hours to minutes, realize significantly higher uptime, achieve instant vertical and horizontal scaling of their existing database infrastructure, experience up to 60x faster query performance, and strengthen the overall security of their databases.

ScaleArc iDB software is available for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database environments, and is also available as a virtual appliance. ScaleArc iDB is cloud-ready and available from the top cloud service providers including Amazon AWS, Microsoft’s Windows Azure, Rackspace, Joyent, Liquid Web Hosting, NephoScale, GoGrid, ProfitBricks and more.

About ScaleArc

ScaleArc is the leader in a new category of database infrastructure software that improves the performance and availability of mission-critical applications and websites by optimizing and scaling the database tier. ScaleArc’s flagship product, ScaleArc iDB, inserts transparent between the application and database, without disrupting the current infrastructure, to provide instant database acceleration and scalability. Customers include Disney UTV, M-GO, BlogTalk Radio, KIXEYE, Sazze (, SpinMedia, TechFetch and others, with a typical ROI of 6 months or less. ScaleArc is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and is backed by Accel Partners, Trinity Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. Learn more at

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