ScaleArc releases new version of IDB for MYSQL and expands database market opportunity with iaas cloud providers

ScaleArc, the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure that accelerates application development by simplifying the way database environments are deployed and managed,today announced general availability of iDB v2.2 for MySQL and a new global cloud licensing and pricing program developed for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud providers. For the first time, the ScaleArc cloud licensing and pricing program givesIaaS cloud providers the ability to offer completely new database networking and optimization services to their customers to generate new revenue streams and increase customer stickiness. ScaleArc iDB can also enable new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offerings for IaaS cloud providers. The new cloud licensing and pricing program is available for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases (iDB v2.0), and also allows for participation from ScaleArc VAR channel partners.

Until now, IaaS cloud providers have not had a plug-and-play infrastructure technology that enables them to offer advanced SQL networking, optimization and security services to their customers. Nor have they had a technology that can front-end a Database-as-a-Service offering and allow them to quickly and easily offer DBaaS to address the demands and needs of their customers.

With the release of iDB v2.2 for MySQLand ScaleArc’s new cloud licensing and pricing program, ScaleArc addresses these requirements.The release of v2.2 brings significant new cloud capabilities to MySQL environments. iDB is now optimized to set-up and run in a cloud environment, and can run on any x86 compatible hypervisor. In addition, ScaleArc is introducing new customizable Multi-Core Process Mapping in iDB v2.2 that allows much more control over deployment and scalability for IaaS cloud providers and their customers.

ScaleArc’s new cloud licensing and pricing program significantly lowers the business risk for cloud providers by eliminating the need to sign long-term contracts.Cloud providers can spin-up or spin-down iDB instances on demand while utilizing a pay-as-you-gobilling model, to match new revenue generation with costs for instant profitability of the new services.In addition, enterprise customers who utilize ScaleArc iDBin their on-premise datacenter and/or private clouds,can also utilize ScaleArc in a public cloud while giving the IaaS cloud provider the ability to appropriately manage their P&L.

“As a technology leader in the IaaS Cloud Hosting space, NephoScale can now deliver new and advanced database services to our customers, while offering complete flexibility of a pay-as-you-go billing model with ScaleArc iDB v2.2 and ScaleArc’snew cloud licensing and pricing program,” said Bruce Templeton, CEO ofNephoScale. “We are excited to be partnering with ScaleArc to rollout new value-add infrastructure services, and will utilize ScaleArc as the cornerstone of a Database-as-a-Service offering in the future.”

As part of the cloud licensing and pricing program, ScaleArc also allows its VAR channel partners to engage and participate in cloud-specific opportunities with IaaS cloud providers.“Other vendors exclude the VAR channel from participating with IaaS cloud providers. ScaleArc opens up doors for us with a compelling licensing and pricing program, that allows us to work with IaaS cloud providersto offer a turnkey, easily deployed iDBsolution that is immediately profitable for all parties involved,” said Greg Christian, Vice President of Sales for Future Com.

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