ScaleArc Increases the Availability and Performance of DDP YOGA’s Website Amidst Record Demand

Santa Clara, CA

ScaleArctoday announced that DDP YOGAhas selected ScaleArcto ensure the availability and performanceof its website.DDP YOGAinitially chose ScaleArc’s database traffic management software and Rackspace managed cloud service to support the onslaught of website traffic following an appearance on the Shark Tank. The two companies continueto work together to help DDP YOGAmeet the growing demand for Diamond Dallas Page’s popular fitness program.

“When the Shark Tank contacted us to be on the show, we knew that the increased visibility would be great for business but would be a major body blow to our website,”said Diamond Dallas Page, former WCW heavyweight champion and founder of DDP YOGA. “ScaleArc and Rackspace came through for us when it counted, enabling us to accommodate a massive amount of traffic. In the end, webrought in revenues that were 5x what we would have received from the investors on the show.”

Within 24 hours, ScaleArc and Rackspace architected and deployed a solution for DDP YOGA that would address the anticipated increase in website traffic. Rackspace developed a high-performance web architecture to address the capacity issues,while ScaleArc provided its database traffic management software to ensure the company’s MySQL database environment could handle the increased traffic flow. The ScaleArc software inserts transparently between the databases and web applications creating an abstraction layer that manages SQL traffic flows as needed to ensure the continuous availability of DDP YOGA’s website.

Immediately following the Shark Tankairing, DDP YOGA saw its site traffic balloon to as much as 3,000 percent. Keeping DDP YOGA up and available literally meant hundreds of thousands of dollars for the company.

“Faced with record demand for their fitness products, DDP YOGA could not afford to have their website unavailable because of planned or unplanned downtime,” said Justin Barney, president and CEO at ScaleArc. “Databases are generally regarded as a source of downtime but with ScaleArc’s software, DDP YOGA’s website seamlesslyscales database transactions while maintaining uptime and peak performance. With ScaleArc, they know that they will have the high availability and performance they need – no matter what the customer demand.”

ScaleArc for MySQL:

· enables continuous application availability for both planned and unplanned outages, with auto failover that spans servers within a cluster or between data centers

· provides traffic management with load balancing, read/write split, transparent query routing, and sharding

· offloads the database with surge protection, connection multiplexing, and query-response caching

· gives instant visibility and actionable insights with granular analytics that can pinpoint problems down to specific hosts, queries and users

· providesa fully RESTful API that integrates into existing scripts and management tools to provide the provisioning, setup and operator of ScaleArc’s software

About ScaleArc

ScaleArc is the leading provider of database traffic management software. Our software enables zero downtime for applications in a database environment, eliminating both planned and unplanned downtime. The ScaleArc software inserts transparently between the application and database, enabling an agile data tier that immediately improves availability and performance. Our customers gain instant scalability, with no changes to the application or the database, for their on-premise or cloud deployments. Learn more about ScaleArc, our customers, and our partners at

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