ScaleArc Goes to the Movies with Higher Availability and Performance for BookMyShow’s Entertainment Ticketing Website and Mobile Application

Santa Clara, CA

ScaleArc today announced that Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has selected ScaleArc for SQL Server to ensure the availability and performance for its online entertainment ticketing business – BookMyShow. BookMyShow is the largest entertainment-ticketing portal in India with more than 400 million average page views a month (website and mobile application). To handle the onslaught of traffic and prevent downtime during the release of blockbuster movies, BookMyShow deployed ScaleArc to ensure seamless availability.

“Whenever we had a blockbuster movie release in the past, our current database infrastructure would be overwhelmed, resulting in poor performance, downtime, and loss of ticket sales,” said Viraj Patel, AVP Technology for Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. “Once we deployed ScaleArc’s software, we were able to handle the high volume of queries, without changing our applications. I knew I had finally found the right solution when we had our biggest sales day on record and I didn’t receive one support phone call. It was as if ScaleArc was magically managing everything for us – keeping our applications up and running and our customers happy.”

By inserting ScaleArc database traffic management software between their SQL Server database and the ticketing application, BookMyShow was able to instantly scale their company’s database, accommodating heavy traffic loads during peak demand hours. In addition, ScaleArc’s software has the ability to:

· enable continuous application availability for both planned and unplanned outages, with auto failover that spans servers within a cluster or between data centers

· provide traffic management with load balancing, read/write split, transparent query routing, and sharding

· offload the database with surge protection, connection multiplexing, and query-response caching

· give instant visibility and actionable insights with granular analytics that can pinpoint problems down to specific hosts, queries and users

· provide a fully RESTful API that integrates into existing scripts and management tools to provide the provisioning, setup and operator of ScaleArc’s software

“It is not uncommon for high-growth e-tailers such as BookMyShow to grow at a rate that can’t keep pace with their current database environment,” said Justin Barney, president and CEO at ScaleArc. “This scenario is perfect for deploying ScaleArc’s software. We extend the capabilities of the existing infrastructure by creating an abstraction layer that creates an agile data tier between the database and the application. This allows our customers to change infrastructure with no impact on the app. For BookMyShow, it means more sales transactions, with customers moving through the checkout process without long wait times or slow page loads.”

BookMyShow has been using ScaleArc’s database traffic management software for the past 6 months to grow its online entertainment ticketing business. For more information, visit the company

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