ScaleArc Announces Support for Microsoft SQL Server Environments, Providing Instant Scalability, Better Performance and Real-Time Analytics ScaleArc iDB Deploys Transparently Into MS SQL Environments Without Modifying Applications or SQL Server Databases

ScaleArc, the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure that accelerates application development by simplifying the way database environments are deployed and managed, today announced general availability of iDB v2.0 for Microsoft SQL Server that brings significant new capabilities to SQL Server environments such as instant horizontal scaling, higher availability, faster database performance, increased SQL protection and real-time query analytics. iDB takes a fundamentally different approach at the SQL protocol layer by providing customers with a wide spectrum of capabilities for their database environment in a single solution, without requiring any modifications to existing applications or SQL Server databases.

Until now, moving to advanced architectures like multi-master, or achieving instant scale and better performance within SQL server environments, has been costly and extremely difficult to implement. iDB v2.0 for MS SQL supports a wide range of functions including Read/Write splitting, dynamic load balancing and horizontal scaling, query caching for up to 24x faster query responses, wire-speed SQL filtering and real-time instrumentation and analytics to enhance all deployment modes of SQL server, including SQL Server Clustering, SQL mirroring, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Replication and log shipping.

“We simply plugged in the iDB appliance and it instantly accelerated our queries and scaled our SQL server environment without requiring hours of valuable engineering resources,” said Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, Cinchcast CTO. “Cinchcast provides solutions that allow companies to create, share, measure and monetize audio content. With iDB, we’re able to serve more ad impressions to enable greater revenues for BlogTalkRadio, a Cinchcast-powered media property, plus the iDB dashboard gives us new insights into ad traffic on the site, visibility into the most frequent queries and more, so that we can better understand the database load and how best to scale the system.”

“iDB has proven itself in the MySQL community, solving problems that are inherently difficult to solve within the database or applications, like load balancing, caching, horizontal scaling, or query filtering and others,” said ScaleArc CEO Varun Singh. “With this release, we bring all that experience to the substantial and growing customers of Microsoft SQL Server.”

iDB for MS SQL Feature Highlights

— Dynamic Query Load Balancing for High Availability: ScaleArc iDB implements a specialized dynamic load-balancing algorithm that allows the most efficient utilization of available database capacity, even when servers have varying capacity. iDB monitors query responses in real-time and can load balance queries to the server that will provide the fastest response to properly distribute the load. Up to 40% better performance has been observed with iDB’s dynamic load balancing relative to TCP-based load balancing.

— Pattern-Based Query Caching for Increased Performance: ScaleArc iDB allows users to cache query responses with one-click. No changes are required at the database server or in the application code; the query is cached at the SQL protocol level, providing up to 24x acceleration without any modifications.

— Multi-master: iDB supports multi-master and master-slave scenarios to ensure high availability and scalability. Specific queries, irrespective of their origin, are routed to the right server with the advance query routing engine that also simplifies sharding.

— Real-time Analytics: Advanced graphical analysis tools provided by ScaleArc iDB bring comprehensive real-time awareness of all queries, helping to quickly pinpoint query patterns that are not performing optimally and allowing more precise management.

— Wire Speed SQL filtering: iDB is able to enforce query-level policies for security or compliance reasons to protect against attacks, theft and other threats. iDB can operate outside of the application where policies have not traditionally been easily enforced.

— SQL Query Surge Queue: Extreme loads can lead to unacceptable response times or even halting of operations until the load reduces, leading to “Database not Available” errors. ScaleArc iDB allows a more graceful response to peak loads. When faced with an extreme load, ScaleArc iDB can initiate a SQL Query Surge Queue and momentarily queue queries in a FIFO queue and process them once server resources become available.

DB for MS SQL provides support for SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2008R2 and will support 2012 in the near future.

About ScaleArc

ScaleArc is the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure software that simplifies the way database environments are deployed and managed, and lowers costs without any changes to applications or databases. Visit us at

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