Nexus India Capital invests over Rs 10 Crore in CE Info Systems, pioneer in digital maps for India

CE Info Systems, with its comprehensive and most accurate repository of India’s digital map data, has secured funding from India’s leading Venture Capital firm, Nexus India Capital.

CE Info Systems is the pioneer of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in India. It led the GIS industry by offering its powerful geographically relevant content and analytical capability to almost every industry vertical. NASSCOM has awarded CE InfoSystem’s effort by short-listing it as a showcase company for IT Innovation in India.

The company has been focussed on the development of navigable maps and has released the first version of nationwide GPS-based road network navigable maps in early 2007. These navigable maps are designed for use on multiple media including Internet portals, Car Navigation, Mobile navigation and several other Location-based and GIS applications targeting the needs of consumers and enterprises. The company has partnered with Yahoo India, Wayfinder, Airtel to offer mapping services to internet and mobile users in the country. With an intent to reach out to a larger audience in the consumer space, the company has also launched India’s first interactive mapping portal

Rakesh Verma, Co-founder and CEO, CE Info Systems, said “We choose to partner with Nexus because of the team there. They understand how companies are built. We share a common understanding with them as well as existing investors, Kleiner Perkins and Sherpalo Ventures, on how to take this company forward.”

Commenting on the investment, Suvir Sujan, Managing Director, Nexus India Capital Advisors Private Limited, said “We applaud the efforts of the team at CE Info Systems to create the most accurate and usable map data in the country. We believe there is a strong need for accurate navigable map data in the country and are very excited to partner with CE Info Systems”. With this investment, Suvir has joined the board of the company.

About CE Info Systems

CE Info Systems (P) Ltd, a New Delhi-based ISO 9001-2000 Company founded in 1992, is the provider of India’s most comprehensive navigable and GIS map dataset that powers location based services such as internet mapping applications, mobile navigation, car navigation, and GIS-based decision support systems. The company has been creating this repository of proprietary digital map information since 1994 through continuous field surveys and state-of-the-art mapping technology. In 2004, the company released its internet maps and directions portal,, and was short listed by NASSCOM as a showcase company for IT Innovation in India. The company has served over 500 leading enterprise customers, and is now offering map, directions and navigation services to consumers.

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