Nexus backed Arkin to be acquired by VMware

VMware, a global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, announced today that it plans to acquire Arkin, a data center and cloud infrastructure management company, based out of Pune, India and Silicon Valley. Nexus was the sole initial institutional investor in Arkin.

Arkin team believed that as data center infrastructure gets defined by software, effective management should be driven by data. Software virtualization of storage, compute and network has brought in massive flexibility, scalability and elasticity of infrastructure resources based on real time demands of business applications, making the data center environment highly dynamic. Such dynamism is also leading to significantly increased complexity in management of the infrastructure. Gone are the days of static configuration and alert based management systems. Instead, dynamic data centers are demanding newer paradigms of management and operation driven by huge amount of data that is getting generated by such systems. The crux is to be able to ingest and process this deluge of streaming data, use functional models and machine learning to make sense of that data and be able to offer visibility and actionable insights to monitor, manage and operate the infrastructure to most effectively, securely and efficiently serve the needs of end user applications. Arkin was set to do just that.

Three years ago when we met Shiv Agarwal, Rohit Toshniwal and Mukul Gupta, their conviction instantly resonated with ours and their smarts, energy and commitment compelled us to partner with them even before they had a power point presentation. Arkin got incorporated and the journey began. In a short span of three years, Arkin has emerged as a pivotal player in management, security and operation of modern software defined data centers. Much kudos to the excellent engineering team, vast majority of whom are based out of Arkin’s India office in Pune. We are also very appreciative of our co-investors and fellow board members at Akin, especially B.V. Jagadeesh whose thoughtful advice has been very constructive in Arkin’s journey.

While it is an amazing success for the Arkin team and great return for all investors, we will miss participating in building out the technology platform that is transforming the modus operandi of IT infrastructure. VMware is a great partner for Arkin, since they understand this need and will be able to fully leverage the technology and the work that has been done to date.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Arkin team. We are grateful for their partnership and wish them every success in future.

Jishnu Bhattacharjee

Nexus Venture Partners