New auto failover capability eliminates downtime and enables cross-data center resiliency

ScaleArc today announced a new version of its patented database traffic management software. The 3.1 version of ScaleArc for SQL Server adds three groundbreaking features that increase the availability and performance of business-critical applications:

· automatic failover ensures continuous application availability for both planned and unplanned outages, including failover between data centers

· query routing and sharding optimizes application performance by automatically routing traffic to the appropriate database in the cluster based on a predefined set of rules

· a fully RESTful API integrates into existing scripts and management tools to provide the provisioning, setup, and operation of ScaleArc’s software

Together with ScaleArc’s existing traffic management capabilities, these features enable organizations to experience a 24x increase in application performance, without requiring any changes to applications or databases.

ScaleArc’s software release brings business value for customers by enabling instant scale up, transparent scale out, automatic failover, and real-time analytics. In addition to the new functionality, ScaleArc for SQL Server:

· provides database traffic management with read/write split, load balancing, transparent query routing, and integration with SQL Server AlwaysOn

· offloads the database with connection multiplexing, query-response caching, and surge protection

· gives instant visibility and actionable insights with granular analytics that can pinpoint problems down to specific hosts, queries and users

“Database scalability is one of the fundamental building blocks of all successful web/enterprise applications, yet it has remained the exotic purview of just a handful of companies able to make huge investments in architecture and engineering expertise,” said Varun Singh, founder and CTO of ScaleArc. “By taking a network-based approach, ScaleArc enables the other 99% of enterprises to attain automatic high availability, transparent scale out, and the automatic scale up capabilities needed to address application performance and availability, without the corresponding investment in application engineering or new hardware.”

The 3.1 version of ScaleArc for SQL Server will be available by the end of Q2. For more details, visit

About ScaleArc

ScaleArc is the leader in database traffic management software, which improves the performance and availability of mission-critical applications and websites by optimizing and scaling the database tier. The ScaleArc software inserts transparently between the application and database, without disrupting the current infrastructure, to provide instant database scalability and improved uptime. Customers include BlogTalkRadio, Demand Media, Disney UTV, KIXEYE, Sazze (, SpinMedia, and others, with a typical ROI of 6 months or shorter. ScaleArc is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and is backed by Accel Partners, Trinity Ventures, and Nexus Venture Partners. Learn more at

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