Komli Media Acquires Indoor Media, the UK's Leading Ethnic Marketing Media Company

Komli Media (http://www.komli.com), Asia Pacific’s leading digital media network platform, announced today that it has acquired Indoor Media, the UK’s leading online ethnic marketing media company, further strengthening its position and operations in international markets. This is Komli’s second acquisition since June, as it aggressively expands its international operations.

Founded in 2007 by Murly Tiwari and Jay Rai, and headquartered in London, Indoor Media has established itself in the UK market as the leader in online ethnic marketing with a focus on South Asians. It has built a strong reputation by providing unique and effective solutions to brand marketers helping them reach out to the UK’s ethnic minority consumers through its proprietary ad network, AdMasala. Covering more than 400 websites across verticals like News, Business, Entertainment and Women it offers an aggregate UK reach of 2.6 million ethnic minority unique users, primarily comprised of South Asians. South Asians are the largest ethnic minority group in the United Kingdom, representing around half of all of ethnic minorities according to the latest national census. Indoor’s clients include marketers such as Mercedes, the UK Government, O2, Vodafone and Western Union among others. Komli Media has built strong relationships with marketers and publishers and partners exclusively with top global and local publishers including Facebook, SanjeevKapoor and Babycenter amongst others in India, and Bloomberg and Hotfrog amongst others in Australia. With this acquisition Komli Media is now the leader in offering ethnic marketing solutions for Asian audiences in the four largest English speaking economies in the western world – Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States, a total population base of nearly 15 million.

Commenting on the acquisition, Murly Tiwari, Founder of Indoor Media said “We are very excited to be part of the Komli Media team. We have grown year on year, every year, since we started by ensuring that everything we did was about adding value, accountability and expertise to both clients and publishers business. Now we see a significant opportunity to expand our UK business by bringing the best of breed platforms and solutions that Komli has to our advertisers, agencies, and publishers partners.”

“Ethnic marketing for Asian audiences is very important to our vision of being the leading digital media network platform across the APAC region. We are extremely excited to partner with leaders like Indoor Media. Murly and Jay are true innovators, and we are proud to work with them. As ethnic audiences continue to grow in size and importance, we believe that it is necessary to create digital solutions targeted to this audience.” said Amar Goel, Komli Media’s Founder and CEO.

The acquisition of Indoor will allow Komli Media to significantly accelerate the pace of innovation in ethnic advertising for its advertiser and publisher partners across several markets. Together with Indoor, Komli Media will be the clear leader in offering ethnic marketing solutions for the Asian community in the four major western economies of the US, Canada, Australia and UK with strong brand and performance products across video, custom creative, mobile, brand impact measurement and performance optimization.

Prashant Mehta, COO of Komli Media added, “Komli Media has established itself as a leader in ethnic marketing in the US and Canada over the last several years. Working with the Indoor Media team allows us to expand to the UK market, as well as add a great team to the Komli family. We are most excited about that and look forward to learning from them.”

About Komli Media

Komli Media is Asia Pacific’s leading digital media network platform. Its digital advertising technologies enable marketers to reach and acquire their audiences and publishers to maximize their revenues. Komli Media powers Asia Pacific’s leading ad network platform with solutions across performance marketing, social media, video advertising, audience targeting, rich media, online audience measurement and brand impact measurement. Headquartered in Mumbai, Komli Media is also present in New Delhi, New York, Palo Alto, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto.

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