Indix Aims To Organize, Analyze And Visualize Everything About Products

Indix today launched a SaaS + Big Data product intelligence platform that enables businesses to analyze, visualize and act on the world’s product information in real-time.

“Indix’s product intelligence platform combines cutting edge big data analytics and visualization technologies to provide deep insight into billions of products and services to brands, retailers, distribution channels and others” said Naren Gupta, cofounder of Nexus Venture Partners. “This technology has the potential to drive decisions on product catalog, pricing, promotion, distribution, marketing and new product plans.”

Sales professionals rely on CRM tools, marketers have marketing automation software and financial analysts use ERP systems. However, brand managers, pricing analysts and retail merchandisers (broadly referred to as product managers) haven’t had a solution that helps them do their jobs more effectively.

“Indix is part of a new wave of cloud-based big data software that uses analytics and visualization to deliver actionable insights to product managers everywhere,” said Rich Levandov of Avalon Ventures.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide a view of the Internet through the product lens, making it easier and faster for product managers to make data-driven decisions”, said Sanjay Parthasarathy, founder & CEO of Indix.

The Indix app comes with access to all of the public data in its system – products, SKUs and categories. Product managers can look at the big picture or drill down and personalize views with a myriad of customization features related to reports, notifications, lists and dashboards. The application computes insights in real-time, so there’s no need to wait on important decisions. And when product managers need to share data or insights, Indix makes it easy to do so with reports through email and with downloads to Microsoft Excel.

The company is also introducing a beta version of its APIs to empower third-party developers to build applications that incorporate information and insights about products and services.

“In the future, all applications will be product-aware, just as applications today are people and location aware. The same way Facebook connects you with people and Foursquare connects you with places, Indix can help connect you with products,” said Sanjay Parthasarathy, founder & CEO of Indix.

“Indix has the potential to change the way we understand and analyze products and competitive marketing landscapes,” said Venky Harinarayan, cofounder of Junglee, Kosmix and Cambrian Ventures. “I’ve witnessed several attempts to provide deep insight to the product marketplace, and Indix has taken an important problem and delivered an app that will drive revenue and profit for companies.”

“The Indix product intelligence platform has helped drive performance within our planning and merchandising teams in that it enables us to more efficiently track product / pricing information among key competitors, optimize our pricing strategy within core categories, and maintain a 360 degree view of industry trends. We have chosen Indix primarily due to the breadth of competitors and data, dynamic reporting abilities, and outstanding customer service. Also, the Indix product roadmap and future capabilities are key in our decision to partner with Indix longer-term,” said a top 50 IR500 Retailer.

You can read more about Indix’s launch on the company blog here. Indix is available now by request here.

About Indix

Indix is a SaaS + Big Data product intelligence platform that allows businesses to organize, analyze, visualize and act on the world’s product information in real-time. Indix uses big data analytics and visualization to deliver actionable insights. Indix also offers APIs for developers for building product rich applications. Learn more at

The company got its start in Chennai after its founder, Sanjay Parthasarathy, relocated to Chennai after a 19-year stint at Microsoft in the US. Indix’s product engineering continues to be based in Chennai, India, while its business and market development activities are based in Seattle, USA. The company’s founders have run billion dollar businesses for Microsoft and also started successful startups like Caymas Systems and NetScaler, among others. Indix’s investors include the leading India-based venture capital firm Nexus Venture Partners and several prominent Indian angel investors.

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