Ex Web18 CTO, Varun Singh raises $5.3m from Nexus Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures

Mumbai and Silicon Valley based database infrastructure software maker, ScaleArc, founded by Varun Singh, has secured $5.33 million in its second round of institutional funding, which was led by Trinity Ventures, with earlier backer Nexus Venture Partners participating. The new funds will accelerate geographic and staffing expansion to meet increased demand. Trinity Ventures led the funding round with full participation of the company’s original investor, Nexus Venture Partners

In addition, ScaleArc announced the appointment of Justin Barney, who previously ran sales divisions at companies like Citrix and Juniper Networks, as president and COO.

ScaleArc’s iDB software, which is available for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Postgres database environments, offers real-time query analytics and control, instant horizontal scaling, caching, dynamic load balancing and more, all without any changes to existing applications or databases.

ScaleArc customers include e-commerce, SaaS, online gaming and digital media companies.

With exponentially growing data and increasing transaction rates, organizations face substantialcost and complexityin scaling their database architecture in a cost-effective manner while increasing performance, visibility and uptime. The ScaleArc iDB software provides a wide spectrum of capabilities: real-time query-analytics and control, instant horizontal scaling for capacity growth or high availability, one-click query caching, automated sharding, dynamic load balancing, enforcement of security policies, and much more, allwithout any changes to existing applications or databases.It is the only solution that reduces overall CapEx and OpExcosts by up to 50% and delivers instant performance improvements of 6x-24x with no disruptions to existing environments.

ScaleArc’s customers cover a wide range of industries including eCommerce, web 2.0 / SaaS, online gaming, digital media companies, service providers, and enterprises.


“As a leading mobile and online games company, Indiagames runs some of the most sophisticated and demanding database environments in the world, and our game RA.ONE Genesis pushed all boundaries for scale,” said Vishal Gondal, founder & CEO Indiagames Ltd. “Using the ScaleArc iDB product in our production environment has led to significant productivity gains for our DBAs and simplified how we horizontally scale our systems for capacity growth and high availability without changing our applications or databases. We are especially pleased with the real-time query analytics capability of ScaleArc iDB and the instant troubleshooting and comprehensive control that it provides to our DBAs. We think some day all database environments will be deployed like this.”

“At Netmagic Solutions we manage mission critical IT infrastructure for our enterprise customers delivering over 99.99% uptime to more than 1,000 customers worldwide,”said Sharad Sanghi, founder and CEO of NetMagic Solutions. “The ScaleArc iDB software plays an important role in our constant drive to increase service levels while reducing service costs.iDB has greatly improved the efficiency of our IT Operations by simplifying traditionally complex tasks such as adding or removing application or database servers. We have also seen substantial increase in performance through iDB’s one-click caching, and having full visibility into every query helps us pinpoint and solve problems in seconds.”

“Justin brings a wealth of operational leadership built over a distinguished career working with start-ups as well as large companies,” said Varun Singh, ScaleArc founder and CEO. “Justin’s appointment and Series B financing from Trinity Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners will allow us to meet increased demand as we continue to develop and market our new breed of database infrastructure software technology.”

“ScaleArc has struck upon a powerful yet elegant architectural approach to solve many thorny problems in today’s dynamic high performance data center applications,” said SandeepSinghal, co-founder of Nexus Venture Partners.

“Trinity Ventures has been actively looking for innovative companies solving database scaling and performance issues and ScaleArc’s new database infrastructure software approach is as refreshingly simple as server virtualization was a decade ago,” said Fred Wang, general partner at Trinity Ventures. “ScaleArc is the type of innovative company that Trinity Ventures seeks to support.”

About ScaleArc

ScaleArc is the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure software that simplifies the way database environments are deployed and managed, and lowers costs without any changes to applications or databases. The ScaleArc iDB software abstracts database servers from application servers to provide instant horizontal scaling and connection management, and enables real-time visibility into every query to provide instant analytics and troubleshooting, one-click query caching, wire-speed security enforcement, etc. Until now, achieving such capabilities required significant investment in engineering resources and ongoing maintenance with too manysingle-purpose solutions from multiple sources that require constant changes to applications, as well as individual management and upkeep. Visit us at www.ScaleArc.com

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