DimDim rated Top 10 Enterprise Web Product in the World

Readwriteweb, a leading web technology news and reviews site, has rated Dimdim as amongst the Top 10 Enterprise Web Product of 2008 along with Google Docs, Salesforce.com and Amazon Web Services. The market categories that feature in top enterprise web list are platforms, wikis, web office, CMS 2.0, project collaboration, web conferencing and contact networking.

In his blog, Bernard Lunn said “Enterprise adoption of cloud computing, SaaS and social media is accelerating. This is a healthy market, in which vendors are doing well in a tough economy. As we are near the end of a year that will go down in history with the words “meltdown,” “panic,” “crisis” and “depression” attached, it is time to celebrate the winners in this market, enterprise-focused web products that are already doing well and poised for even greater success in 2009.”

In no order of importance, readwriteweb looked for three attributes in the top Enterprise web products:

1. Innovation – firms that opened up entirely new market categories through disruptive innovation to reap the rewards.

2. Traction – should already have major traction in the market.

3. Longevity – mix of profitability and deep pockets; an ability to outlast the competition.

About DimDimDimDim is the world’s FREE open source based web meeting company. With DimDim you can show Presentations, Applications and Desktops to any other person over the internet. And you can do all this from your browser.

For more information, please visit www.dimdim.com

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