Deccan Healthcare supports The Foundation for Mumbai Marathon 2011

Deccan Healthcare, an innovative products company in the Indian health and wellness market, today announced that it will support The Foundation, founded by Rahul Bose, for the 2011 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

Deccan Healthcare has developed, through intensive R&D, a variety of healthcare products which boost immunity, increases energy levels, reduce stress, heal tired muscles and address chronic ailments. The key products include a vegetarian flaxseed-based Omega-3 which they sell under the OxyFlax-Global, Oxyflax-Nano and Oxyflax-ISB brand. They are also very useful for reducing Cholesterol, managing BP, reducing joint pains, preventing diabetes, and are also anti carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory.

The Foundation has been actively involved and associated with the Mumbai Marathon since its inception, and participates every year.

About one million consumers consume Deccan Healthcare products every day in India. By taking Omega-3 product Oxyflax-Global in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the whole body is energized which helps Marathon runners to achieve optimum results at the event. Taking Oxyflax-Global after the race will help quickly heal the body. Additionally, if a runner is training everyday, Oxyflax-Global can make a lot of difference in making sure the body is not tired after training and the muscles are revitalized every day.

Speaking about the association, Mr Minto Gupta, Founder & CEO, Deccan Healthcare said, “We are proud to be associated with The Foundation for Mumbai Marathon. We support their cause and would like to work with them in the long run to improve health of children and adults in India”

Rahul Bose, founder of The Foundation, said, “’We are very happy Deccan Healthcare have chosen to support The Foundation’s efforts in removing discrimination from all walks of life by participating in the Mumbai Marathon – a wonderful example of how people can participate in a community event that celebrates the right of every citizen to participate – either as a runner or as a spectator.”

About Deccan Healthcare

Deccan Healthcare is an innovative Health supplements company based out of Hyderabad, India. Deccan Healthcare has a strong reputation as a company that develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality wellness products which have a medicinal effect on chronic health conditions related to Cardiac, Bone & Joint, Neuro care and women care. The product portfolio includes vegetarian Omega-3 brands like OxyFlax-Global for good heart, Oxyflax-ISB for better immunity and Omegamax-Feminine for pregnant women. Other popular brands are Ostan-G for joint pain reduction, Lycocare for chronic disease prevention, Minicare for young women health and COQ-Plus for skincare and male fertility.
The company is led by Minto Gupta, CEO and Founder, and a professional team with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical space. Deccan currently has a strong presence in South India and is expanding rapidly in the West and North.

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About The Foundation

Vision – Our vision is to see a world free of discrimination of all forms.
Mission – We seek to realize this vision through the tool of education to create awareness, up skill and influence policy.
Founder’s Philosophy – “While there are a thousand manifestations of evil on this planet, perhaps the single most instinctive evil is discrimination. We do not like the other. They make us uncomfortable. So, we differentiate between the young and the old, women and men, the mentally able and the mentally challenged. We treat the poor, the uneducated, the dark-skinned, the transvestites, the ‘lower castes’, the physically challenged, with contempt. The Foundation has, as its one-point agenda, the endeavour to remove all kinds of discrimination from our lives, our country, and our world. Clearly this is a massive mountain to climb. We will start small, we may even stay small, but the work we will do will be intelligent, focused, uncompromising, consistent and full of love.”
– Rahul Bose, Founder

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