Selected as Cloud Computing Platform for Korea’s First Large-Scale Private Cloud, a leader in open source private and public cloud computing software, will provide the cloud computing infrastructure platform for Korea’s first large-scale private cloud, being launched by KT, Korea’s largest landline operator and mobile service provider. KT’s new private cloud computing environment will be built on’s industry-leading CloudStack platform and will enable KT employees to access shared data and software using a range of devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and Internet protocol television (IPTV). In order to bring all of the pieces together and meet the requirements of KT, this project was built through collaboration between Cloudscaling, Citrix, Intel, Nexenta and

“With the continued explosion in data we need to prepare for the future by providing applications that support this data growth,” said Jung-sik Suh, the head of Cloud Services Business Unit at KT. “Cloud computing is the right technology to accomplish this and we hope to be the leading player in the Korean market. In selecting our cloud management platform, we sought a technology solution that provided us with automation tools, a scalable architecture and secure multi-tenancy all wrapped in an open source license and community model. We believe that’s innovative platform is the right solution for KT.”

The rapid growth of the cloud computing market is creating new opportunities and models to improve IT utilization for enterprises. To become more nimble, some IT departments have begun to host on-premise private computing clouds. Setting up an on-premise private cloud gives end users the flexibility they demand, while at the same time offering the potential for far greater utilization within the data center. To simplify this deployment, delivers an innovative, open source software platform for launching either public or private cloud environments – delivering all of the essential components used to build, deploy and manage multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud applications in a fully integrated software package.

“The selection of CloudStack by KT as the core platform for the country’s largest private cloud is testament to the quality of our solution,” said Sheng Liang, founder and CEO at “At we aim to make the task of building, deploying and managing a highly scalable, highly reliable private cloud extremely easy. We look forward to seeing the success of KT as they continue to introduce a variety of cloud services enabled by the CloudStack platform.”


Founded in 2008 by leaders in open source, virtualization and infrastructure development, has pioneered a new approach to simplifying and accelerating the deployment, management and configuration of multi-tier and multi-tenant private and public cloud services. CloudStack is already deployed in production environments at leading enterprises and service providers, providing them with a new level of product stability and capability that is not found in solutions currently available in the market. is backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

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