Blueshift Launches Personalization Studio, Enabling B2C Marketers to Configure Hyper-Personalized Recommendations for Multi-Channel Marketing

Patent Pending Solution Enables Marketers to Deliver Predictive Content based on Real-Time Streams of User-Interaction Events

San Francisco, CA —June 7, 2016Blueshift, the leader in Segment-of-One B2C marketing automation, today announced the launch of Blueshift Personalization Studio, a patent pending solution that enables marketers to configure multiple forms of hyper-personalized recommendations based on real-time user interactions, and to easily attach these recommendations to creative templates for multi-channel marketing campaigns.

With the Blueshift Personalization Studio, marketers can now incorporate hyper-personalized recommendations on an individual customer level into large-scale marketing campaigns across all channels, without the need to involve IT or internal data scientists.  Personalization Studio is built using patent pending technology that enables marketers to create recommendations based on real-time streams of user interactions from websites, mobile applications, and physical store locations.

Recent research shows that marketers increasingly expect to offer personalized experiences across every marketing channel.  However, according to Econsultancy, only 5% of marketers worldwide are personalizing their marketing communications extensively. Legacy systems make it hard for marketers to even gather a single view of their customers across channels, let alone personalize extensively.

In the past, it has been difficult for marketers to configure hyper-personalized recommendations for different use cases using advanced techniques like collaborative filtering or recommendations based on behavioral events, without undertaking large IT projects. Previous attempts by companies providing recommendation technology have focused on providing widgets powered by “black-box” technology that marketers have been unable to customize to the needs of different audiences and business models. These efforts have been centered on a single marketing channel and don’t enable marketers to deliver hyper-personalized cross-channel experiences.

“Within weeks of rolling out Blueshift, we have been able to deliver highly personalized content to our large base of engaged users,” said Elliot Bell, Director of Brand Strategy & Community at The Muse, a leading career site for millennials. “We especially like the fact that the recommendations are customizable to our needs, and that it is easy to automate several different personalized campaigns.”

Blueshift’s Personalization Studio solution enables marketers to overcome the challenges of delivering dynamic recommendations to consumers based on a range of real-time user interactions across virtually every digital channel.  Blueshift ingests real-time streams of user interactions from websites, apps, point-of-sale and other systems and combines them with a deep knowledge of a marketer’s catalog of products or content. Blueshift’s patent pending method computes various forms of recommendations in real-time, and enables marketers to combine and filter these recommendations in different ways for every marketing channel.

“With a team that comes from some of the largest consumer marketing companies in the world, we understand firsthand how challenging it is for marketers to deliver a highly personalized experience across all marketing channels,” said Blueshift’s co-founder & CEO, Vijay Chittoor.  “I am excited that our new Personalization Studio solution now enables B2C marketers to implement their own customized forms of predictive content, something that in the past would have needed extensive effort from internal data scientists and IT staff to both develop and maintain.”

Blueshift Personalization Studio allows marketers to:

  • Use a simple user interface to create multiple forms of hyper-personalized recommendations, for different audiences. Each scheme consists of blocks of personalized content from user-interaction streams, combining items related to user interactions, predictive content, user affinity, and other filters;
  • With one click, apply the hyper-personalized recommendations to content templates for emails, advertising, websites and mobile apps; and
  • Select a dynamically updating audience of users and automate cross-channel personalized campaigns to this audience.

“With Blueshift, we have launched very personalized triggered campaigns on email & mobile app push notifications”, said Ashish Goel, CEO of Urban Ladder, a leading furniture & home décor company with millions of active users. “We are seeing significant improvements in conversion rates on these marketing campaigns which are highly targeted and relevant for users”.

About Blueshift

San Francisco based Blueshift is the leader in Segment-of-One marketing automation for B2C companies. Using the power of real-time segmentation and dynamic-content personalization, Blueshift enables marketers to automate individualized messages across multiple channels including email, push notifications, Facebook & SMS.  Blueshift was founded by serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds at successful companies such as Kosmix (now @WalmartLabs) and Mertado (now Groupon Goods). The company is funded by prominent investors, including Storm Venture Partners, Luma Capital Partners and Nexus Venture Partners.