Aryaka Launches Another Industry First: Network as-a-Service

Aryaka® (, the leading provider of WAN Optimization as-a-Service to solve application and network performance issues across the distributed enterprise, today announced the availability of its industry-first Network as-a-Service™ offering, an expansion of its portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions. A growing number of global enterprises are augmenting, leapfrogging or replacing MPLS by instead leveraging Aryaka’s intelligent, optimizednetwork for multiple reasons, including:

• Optimized performance across private and public resources

• Instant access to SaaS/Cloud services

• Ease and speed of deployment– same day

• Elastic bandwidth capacity and burstability

• End-to-end visibility across the wide area network (WAN)

• Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

• Free Trial to experience the benefits

Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service provides enterprise-grade connectivity via a dedicated reliable core network based on globally distributed Points of Presence (POPs). It delivers LAN-like application performance across the WAN without the high cost of MPLS in a single, no CAPEX monthly service. Enterprise locations connect into the Aryaka network with IPSec across an existing Internet link to one or more of Aryaka’s POPs and are up in running in minutes, not in the weeks or months required to provision MPLS.

MPLS is also not designed to support connectivity to Cloud-based services or SaaS accessed over the Internet. Aryaka delivers reliable access from all enterprise locations to cloud-based services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Office 365 or other SaaS applications hosted worldwide, as well more predictable performance at all times compared with using the unaided public Internet.

“We listened to the market and delivered a solution that meets the emerging enterprise need for a secure, high performing network that does more than MPLS,” said Ajit Gupta, Founder, President and CEO for Aryaka. “Our intention is to disrupt the Ethernet/MPLS market that is projected to reach $81 billion by 2016¹ – growth fueled by cloud services adoption and surging network traffic. Our network is at your service when you need it, where you need it and without the need for fiber or appliances, virtual or otherwise.”

Aryaka’s unique network architecture is built from the ground up to support a combination of multiple access methods, data and applications, headquarters and data centers, development teams and sales offices, remote, on-site and off-shore teams, and cloud services. Enterprises can leverage a TCP-optimized secure network with QoS and SLAs that can be deployed more quickly than MPLS and is more affordably priced. Enterprises can also upgrade to the premium Aryaka WAN Optimization as-a-Service solution in minutes and transform their global connectivity solution to an optimized network with blazing fast application performance in minutes. Aryaka POP locations worldwide include U.S., U.K., India, Brazil, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and Australia.

Customer Quotes

“To host RDP clients nearly 12,000 miles away between New Zealand and the UK, we wanted an extremely resilient connection – usually requiring MPLS – and with the very high latencies involved knew we would need WAN optimization technologies. MPLS, WAN optimization appliances and large international Internet pipes are too expensive for a small company like ours with limited technical resources. The Aryaka solution is innovative and allows us to roll out our ERP and other applications across our Group in a cost-effective and simple manner.”

Alan Henderson

Information Systems Manager, Methven Limited

“We talked to AT&T in September about getting a dedicated link, didn’t get a complete quote until December and then learned the order would take an additional 100 days to complete. We went with Aryaka’s cloud-based solution for security, connectivity and speed, and were up in running.”

Bruce Difley

IT Director, Hirsch Bedner Associates

“The Aryaka solution enables me to estimate and determine my capacity for better planning. We saw an immediate increase in the performance of our ERP applications and data replication. What we like best is the visibility of the MyAryaka™ portal that shows us much more granular detail than what our MPLS service provider was delivering – seeing is believing.”

Simon Ku

Manager of Information Technology, North America, Raritan


Aryaka delivers application and network performance for the globally distributed enterprise for better collaboration, communication and business productivity. Aryaka eliminates the need for costly WAN appliances or long-haul private links. Aryaka’s premier WAN Optimization as-a-Service accelerates any application to any location on one affordable, optimized network. Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service provides organizations an optimized TCP network with QoS for instant and reliable business connectivity. Both services provide elastic bandwidth capacity and 24×7 world-class support. To learn more, visit Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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