0Xdata is Now H2O.ai, Announces Production Customers Including PayPal, Nielsen, and Cisco

Mountain View, CA

(BUSINESS WIRE)–H2O.ai announced Series-A funding to fuel the explosive growth of H2O with production customers including Cisco, Neilsen, PayPal and over a dozen more. The Series-A round was led by ex-Flextronics legends Ash Bhardwaj, Michael Marks of Riverwood Capital and Rakesh Mathur of Junglee. H2O’s seed investor Nexus Venture Partners and new investor Transamerica Venturesparticipated in the round.

Data Savvy Enterprises Have a Thirst for H2O

H2O is leading the way in fast scalable machine learning for smarter applications. It is trusted by mission critical business applications to rapidly create predictive models and deploy them into production. Open Source and ease-of-use have fueled an exponential growth in H2O’s install base along with the rapid adoption of R, estimated at over 3 million users in the US alone. H2O combines cutting-edge algorithms, high-performance in-memory processing, and the freedom of Open Source to rapidly predict and score data at a massive scale.

“Sri and the H2O team’s commitment to advancing the machine learning community is an inspiration to our industry. Their vision to scale machine learning to power intelligent applications aligns with Cisco’s focus on advancing the human network,” said Lou Carvalheira, Principal Data Scientist of Cisco.

ML is the New SQL for Big Data

Smart home appliances, self-driving cars, highly personalized digital content, smart assistants and many other novel applications are no longer innovations of the future, but represent a whole new era of pervasive intelligence through machine learning. H2O is at the center of this movement powering many business applications to do better marketing, better forecasting for sales, better pricing, better understanding of their customers and better detect fraud. H2O is the missing piece to the puzzle to have machine learning fulfill the promise of the Big Data for the enterprise in ways never thought possible before.

“[At] PayPal, we have Risk, Merchants, Markets, Consumers, Products, and a lot of big systems to do analysis. Each and every one of these is a whole area to apply machine learning, statistics, and test. One way to think about it, is each of our environments has a readily available measurable ROI,” says Nachum Shacham, Principal Data Scientist at PayPal. “I have to give credit to H2O. They have a very complete way of showing which algorithm is the best.”

H2O is the one technology to bring artificial intelligence to the enterprise through faster modeling, larger scale machine learning with all of your data, and simple to use API’s to work in the comfort of your own environment:

Fast – Data ingestion, model training, model deployment, and scoring streams of data are all faster with H2O. Rapidly create new features with grid search and train multiple models with new data to iterate quickly to the best performing algorithm. Deploy the champion model into production and score with our NanoFast engine that has been clocked at over 4 billion rows in seconds.

Scalable to Petabytes of Data – Whether you’re an R programmer working with millions of rows of data or a large group of Data Scientists deploying thousands of models into production, H2O is the single solution to make sampling a thing of the past.

Machine Learning for Smarter Applications – Open Source means there is no vendor “lock-in,” a large community of makers to help you through the entire data science workflow, and the most cutting-edge algorithms that must perform in any environment.

“The answer to Big Data problems is smarter applications with machine learning,” said H2O co-founder and CEO, SriSatish Ambati. “With H2O businesses can model all of their data without sacrificing speed or accuracy and power smarter decisions. Over the past year we have seen a product market fit that fueled an organic 100x growth in our install base, and built strong partnerships by winning trust in challenging production environments like PayPal, Cisco, Nielsen, Trulia and some of the largest insurance, healthcare, retail and telco customers. With a great team and product strength, H2O is poised to create a high growth market disrupting monopolies in the space by bringing data science to applications.”

If you are ready to take the manual process out of developing algorithms, comparing the performance and moving them into production to ensure the best results, then you have found the solution with H2O. Our latest release expands on these core features to include Sparkling Water, a Killer-App for Apache Spark. As Sparkling Water is installed into production, it is exciting to see many of our strategic partners support our latest innovation.

“H2O is one of the best platforms for fast and scalable machine learning. It only makes sense to support Apache Spark to provide Data Scientists with a best of breed Open Source solution. Hortonworks is a proud supporter of H2O and their newest innovation, Sparkling Water,” said John Kreisa, VP of Strategic Marketing, Hortonworks.

About H2O.ai

H2O is for Data Scientists and Application Developers who need scalable and fast machine learning. H2O is an Open Source predictive analytics platform. Unlike traditional analytics tools, H2O provides a combination of extraordinary math and high-performance parallel processing with unrivaled ease-of-use. H2O speaks the language of data science with support for R, Python, Scala, Java and a robust REST API. Smart business applications are powered by H2O’s NanoFastTM Scoring Engine. Learn more by going tohttp://www.h2o.ai and contact us for more information.

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