About Nexus

Who we are

We are India's leading Venture Capital fund. We invest in early and early growth stage companies across sectors in India and US. We are a team of successful entrepreneurs with extensive investing and operating experience, who love to get our hands dirty. We understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and know that it takes teamwork and exceptional execution capability for a company to succeed. Our partner companies have access to the entire Nexus team in India and Silicon Valley for help in recruiting talent, forging new alliances, opening doors to new customers, shaping strategy and connecting with best-of-breed executives, advisors, co-investors and board members.

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We have been voted:

  • India's Top Venture Fund by
    Red Herring
  • India's Best Venture Capital firm
               2009  &  2012
    by Venture Intelligence APEX

When we invest

We typically invest early in the life of the company and in most cases, we are the first institutional round of capital. Our investment size ranges up to $10 million in early / early-growth stage companies. We have a seed program to support high potential entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas with investment of up to $500,000. We also like to participate in follow-on investments at later stages for companies that successfully execute their business plans. We prefer to take a board seat in the companies we invest in and are active in supporting the entrepreneur wherever assistance is required. However, we do not seek to control or manage the company we invest in.

How we work

We typically limit our investments to 6-8 new investments a year. We are available as a team to our partner companies. While the amount of involvement in a company depends on the stage of the company and the need of the entrepreneur, we typically get involved in recruiting talent, market intelligence, business development, strategy and future financings.

What we like to invest in

  • Passionate and driven entrepreneurs
  • Capital efficient business models
  • Innovative product, process or business model addressing a significant customer pain point
  • Large existing or potential market opportunity in India or globally
  • Differentiated product or service that can create a competitive advantage
  • Companies that can be standalone independent businesses, not features for another business

Where we invest

We have offices in India and Silicon Valley. We invest in companies in India that address Indian or global markets, or based out of US with technologies relevant for India and emerging markets